Renato Cannas

Renato has more than 15 years of experience with the strategic financial side of real estate investments. Prior to joining BrookRose, he was financial director for the Dutch activities of a highly successful and wealthy real estate family. His responsibilities included the strategic financial and administrative management of a large real estate and loan portfolio. Renato has the ability to present complex issues real estate owners deal with in a simple manner and bring focus back to what really matters. He was active in Brussels and the U.S. where he resided in Washington DC for a number of years. Renato has experience in transaction, financing, asset and property accounting and knows how to seamlessly combine the various disciplines in strategic (feasibility) analysis. His extensive experience in financial control within the real estate industry, is available to a select group of clients who wish to (re)organize their financial accounting. Recovery of mishandled real estate accounting records and strategic analysis are specialisms which Renato fully controls.
T: +31(0)6 144 96 130